“The fact that eCustoms internally develops, tests and then uses their systems in their own Customs brokerage group was an indicator that the product was reliable and the right fit for our organization.”


The following acronyms are part of the foreign trade parlance.


AAR — Association of American Railroads
ABI — Automated Broker Interface
ABS — American Bureau of Shipping
ACEP — Advisory Committee on Export Policy (USA)
ACDA — Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (USA)
AEO — Authorized Economic Operator (Int’l)
AG — Australia Group
ALADI — Spanish acronym for Latin American Integration Association (LAIA)
AMF — Airport Mail Facility
ASEAN — Agreement of Southeast Asian Nations
AT — Anti-Terrorism
ATA — Air Transport Association
ATFI — Automated Tariff Filing Information System
ATP — Advanced Technology Products
AWB — Air Waybill


BAF — Bunker Adjustment Factor
BB — Breakbulk
BBLS — Barrels
BDLS — Bundles
BEET — Business Executive’s Enforcement Team (USA)
BIS — Bureau of Industry and Security (USA)
BOL — Bill of Lading


CAF — Currency Adjustment Factor
CAPSTAN — Computer Aided Planned Stowage and Networking System
CARAT — Cargo Agents Reservation Air Waybill Issuance and Tracking
CARBN — Caribbean Common Market Commercial Invoice
CB, CBW or CW — Chemical and Biological Weapons
CBD — Cash Before Delivery
CC — Crime Control
CCATS — Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System
CCC — Commodity Classification Automated Tracking
CCCN — Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature
CCI — Canadian Commercial Invoice
CCL Commerce Control List
CCOO — Canadian Certificate Of Origin
CCS — Cargo Community System
CED — Canadian Export Declaration
CFR — Code of Federal Regulations (USA)
CFS — Container Freight Station
CI — Commercial Invoice
CIB — Commercial Invoice Billing
CIF — Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIP — Carriage and Insurance Paid
CIS — Commercial Invoice Shipping
CIT — Court of International Trade
CJ — Commodity Jurisdiction
CL or C/L — Carload
COD — Cash on Delivery
COFC — Container on Flat Car
COGSA — Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
COINV — Covering Invoice
CL — Container Load
COO — Certificate of Origin
COO — Country of Origin
C & F — Cost and Freight
C & I — Cost and Insurance
CPOA — Customs Power of Attorney
CTP — Composite Theoretical Performance
CVD — Counterveiling Duties
CWC — Chemical Weapons Convention
CY — Container Yard


DCS — Destination Control Statement
DDP — Deliver Duty Paid
DDU — Deliver Duty Unpaid
DEL — Demand Export License
DEQ — Delivered Ex Quay
DES — Delivered Ex Ship
DISA — Data Interchange Standards Association
DOA — Department of Agriculture (USA)
DOC — Department of Commerce (USA)
DOD — Department of Defense (USA)
DOE — Department of Energy (USA)
DOI — Department of Interior (USA)
DOL — Department of Labor (USA)
DOS — Department of State (USA)
DOT — Department of Transportation (USA)
DPL — Denied Parties List (USA)
DRP — Diversion Risk Proliferation
DTC — Office of Defense Trade Control (USA)
DTSA — Defense Technology Security Administration (USA)
DWT — Dead Weight Tonnage


EAA — Export Administration Act (USA)
EAB — Export Administration Bulletin (USA)
EAR — Export Administration Regulations (USA)
EARB — Export Administration Review Board (USA)
ECASS — Export Control Automated Support System
ECN — Export Control Number
ECCN — Export Control Classification Number (USA)
ECD — Export Counseling Division (USA)
EDI — Electronic Data Interchange
EE — Export Enforcement
EFTA — European Free Trade Agreement
EI — Encryption Items
EIN — Employer Identification Number (USA)
EMS — Export Management Systems
EPCI — Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative
ERIC — Electronic Request for Item Classification
ESS — Export Seminar Staff (USA)
ETA — Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC — Export Trading Company
ETD — Estimated Time of Departure
ETS — Estimated Time of Sailing
EU — European Union
EX DEC — Export Declaration
EXW — Ex Work


FA — Free Alongside
FAF — Fuel Adjustment Factor
FAK — Freight of All Kinds
FAS — Free Alongside Ship
FC — Firearms Convention
FCA — Free Carrier
FCL — Full Container Load
FCPA — Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (USA)
FEU — Forty Equivalent Units
FIFO — First In, First Out
FIO — Free In Out
FIOS — Free In Out and Stow
FMC — Federal Maritime Commission (USA)
FMS — Foreign Military Sales
FMV — Foreign Market Value
FO — Free Out
FOB — Free On Board
FOB FACTORY — Free On Board Factory
FOT — Free On Truck
FPG — Foreign Parent Group
FSN — Foreign Service National
FTA — Free Trade Agreement
FTA — Free Trade Area
FTO — Foreign Trade Organization
FTSR — Foreign Trade Statistics Regulation
FTZA — Foreign Trade Zone Act


GA — General Average
GATT — General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GL — General License
GPO — Government Printing Office (USA)
GRI — General Rules of Interpretation
GSP — Generalized System of Preferences
GTDI — Guidelines for Trade Data Interchang


H/H — House-To-House
H/P — House-To-Pier
HHD — Hogshead
HPC — High Performance Computer
HS — Harmonized Schedule
HWA — Hold Without Action


IATA — International Air Transport Association
ICN — IATA Code Number
IC — Import Certificate
ICC — Interstate Commerce Commission (USA)
IEEPA — International Emergency Economic Powers Act
IFTA — Israel Free Trade Agreement
ILA — International Longshoremens Association
IMCO — Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization
IMDG — International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
INCOTERMS — International Commercial Terms
IPI — Interior Points Intermodal
ISO — International Standards Organization
ITD — Intent to Den


JIT — Just in Time
JOC — Journal of Commerce (USA)


KD — Knocked Down


L & D — Loss and Damage Claim
LAIA Latin American Integration Association
LASH — Lighter Aboard Ship
LCL — Less Than Container Load
LDC — Less Developed Country
LE — License Exemption
LIFO — Last In, First Out
LO/LO — Lift On/Lift Off
LOC — Letter of Credit
LTL — Less Than Truck Load


MARC — Missile Annex Review Committee
MCI — Mexican Commercial Invoice
MFN — Most Favored Nation
MIDCL — MI Bank Direct Collection Letter
MKS — Marks and Numbers
MRO — Material Release Order
MRP — Manufacturing Resources Planning
MSC — Military Sea Lift
MT — Missile Technology
MTAG — Missile Technology Advisory Group (USA)
MTCR — Missile Technology Control Regime (USA)
MTEC — Missile Technology Export Control Group (USA)


NAFTA — North American Free Trade Agreement
NCBFAA — National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Assn. (USA)
NCOO — NAFTA Cerificate of Origin
NES — Not Elsewhere Specified
NLR — No License Required (USA)
NMT — Office of Nuclear and Missile Technology Control (USA)
NO., NOS. — Number, Numbers
NOIBN — Not Otherwise Indicated By Name
NOS — Not Otherwise Specified
NPTC — Office of Non-Proliferation Controls and Treaty Compliance (USA)
NRC — Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USA)
NSD — National Security Directives
NSG — Nuclear Supplies Group
NVOCC — Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier


OAC — Office of Anti-Boycott Compliance
OBL — Ocean Bill of Lading
OC — Operating Committee
OEA — Office of Enforcement Analysis (USA)
OEE — Office of Export Enforcement (USA)
OEM — Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEXS — Office of Exporter Services (USA)
OFAC — Office of Foreign Assets Control (USA)
OS & D — Over, Short and Damaged


P/H — Pier to House
P/P — Pier to Pier
PECSEA — President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Exports (USA)
PECSENC — President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Encryption (USA)
PL — Packing List
PO — Purchase Order
PRC — People’s Republic of China



RO/RO — Roll On, Roll Off
ROK — Republic of Korea
RS — Regional Stability
RVC — Regional Value Content
RWA — Return Without Action


SADC — South African Development Community
SCL — Special Comprehensive License
SDN — Specially Designated National
SDT — Specially Designated Terrorist
SED — Shipper’s Export Declaration
SFSC — Shared Foreign Sales Corporation
SI — Significant Items
SIC — Standard Industrial Classification
SIES — Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security (USA)
SITA — Society International de Telecommunications Aeronautique
SITC — Standard International Trade Classification
SL & C — Shipper’s Load and Count
SLCD — Special Licensing and Compliance Division
SLI — Shippers Letter of Instruction
SNEC — Sub-Group on Nuclear Export Coordination
SQL — Structured Query Language
STELA — System for Tracking Export License Applications
STFPC — Office of Strategic Trade and Foreign Policy Controls (USA)


TAC — Technical Advisory Committee
TEU — Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
TCP — Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP — Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol
TDCC — Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (USA)
TEU — Twenty Equivalent Units
TDO — Temporary Denial Order
TIB — Temporary Importation Under Bond
T.I.R. CARNET — Transit International Router Carnet
TIR — Trailer Interchange Report
TOFC — Trailer On Flat Car
TPC — Trade Policy Committee
TS — Tariff Shift
TVA — Time Volume Agreement


UCC — Uniform Commercial Code (USA)
UNCTAD — United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UOM — Unit of Measure
UF&FCS — United States and Foreign Commercial Service (USA)
USCOO — United States Certificate of Origin
USITC — United States International Trade Commission


VAN — Value Added Network
VAT — Value Added Tax
VRA — Voluntary Restraint Agreements


W/M — Weight or Measurement
WA — Wassenaar Arrangement (USA)
WRO — Western Regional Office
WTO — World Trade Organization


DDTC General Acronyms

AECA Arms Export Control Act
AG Agreement
ASR Annual Sales Report
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CN Congressional Notification
DDTC Directorate of Defense Trade Control
DoD Department of Defense
DoS Department of State
DN Dual National
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSS Defense Security Service
DTAG Defense Trade Advisory Group
DTCC Defense Trade Control Compliance
DTCL Defense Trade Control Licensing
DTCP Defense Trade Control Policy
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration
EO Empowered Official
EU European Union
FMS Foreign Military Sales
GC General Correspondence
ITAR International Traffic In Arms Regulations
LO Licensing Officer
MDE Major Defense Equipment
MLA Manufacturing License Agreement
MTEC Missile Technology Export Committee
MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime
NASA National Aeronautical and Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NISPOM National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual
NSA National Security Agency
OEF Operation Enduring Freedom
OND Operation New Dawn (formerly Operation Iraqi Freedom)
RWA Return Without Action
R&R Repair and Replacement
SME Significant Military Equipment
TAA Technical Assistance Agreement
TCP Technology Control Plan
TCN Third-Country National
TTCP Technology Transfer Control Plan
USG United States Government
USML United States Munitions List
WDA Warehouse and Distribution Agreement


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