“The solution screens and re-screens our records on a daily basis to ensure total compliance. We are very satisfied with Visual Compliance’s ability to handle a large volume of screenings and return the results right away.”


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Getting your compliance process right entails choosing the best denied party screening software not only in terms of features but in how well they cover your specific compliance requirements. Read more to learn the key considerations needed when choosing.


Discover how industrial valve manufacturer @VelanInc strengthened #exportcontrol to reduce risk and boost visibility across its global operations with Descartes Visual Compliance. https://www.descartes.com/resources/knowledge-center/optimizing-trade-compliance-across-global-operations #globaltrade #sanctionsscreening #deniedpartyscreening #logistics

A denied party screening software vendor is a critical element in the success of your sanction compliance process. To avoid performance risks, here are key red flags to be aware of when evaluating potential vendors.

Read more: https://www.visualcompliance.com/blog/?p=2518

The recent Russian referendums to annex the Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, and Luhansk regions of Ukraine have triggered a new round of Russia sanctions. Learn More about how this could impact your business.


Shahab Wahdatehagh kicks off our very own Trade Compliance Session here in Amsterdam at the Conference on Global Trade and Tax @taceventsworld #globaltrade

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