“From the corporate compliance side, with Visual Compliance we now have a solid audit trail that can be emailed. I’ve recommended the solution to other shippers and forwarders.”


In spite of the economic downturn, the market for logistics providers is still a bright spot in the economy.

In the frantic pursuit of growth, profitability and position, many companies are using low-cost country sourcing options, and jockeying for position in the international sales marketplace. Logistics and transportation providers, forming the backbone of global supply chains, are reaping the benefits.

No bright spot is without its competition, and with customers’ increasing demands for faster, cheaper and with more visibility and value-added services, logistics providers are being pushed to expand, innovate, differentiate and streamline service offerings. Their legacy technologies and constrained IT resources often makes this difficult to achieve within reasonable time frames and costs.

Logistics providers are also faced with intensified pressure by governmental bodies for compliance with export and import controls, including security initiatives that necessitate advance information. Affecting both their customers, and their own operations, logistics providers need the technology and audit controls to ensure proof is available to both.


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