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Visual Compliance solutions from eCustoms are designed with flexibility of deployment in mind, to best address the many business requirements and IT environments in which they operate.

This scalability keeps your solution dynamic, providing opportunities to expand capabilities, as your business needs change.

For on-demand non-integrated deployments, most clients do not require any additional services. For deployments requiring integration or interfaces, our integration and interface structures are exceptionally simple to work with, significantly lowering your IT resources and costs.

You’ll see the benefits of working with a partner with more than 35 years of experience working with companies that have faced the same challenges and looked to achieve the same results as you. Share our insights on integration best practices including which integration points to consider, and how to synthesize processes into the system.

Integration is quick and easy

To make integration quick and easy, and keep your IT resources and costs to a minimum, detailed industry-standard specifications are provided. These dramatically simplify the work, and increase the speed of implementation.

You’ll also have the support of a dedicated integration manager who has guided other clients through the same pathways, and can serve as an integral part of your project.

Multiple deployment options support all IT environments and business requirements

Clients with integrated deployments often avail themselves of our business process consulting services to discuss the decisions they need to make and steps they need to take. However, since Visual Compliance solutions have extraordinarily comprehensive configuration capabilities, one of the topics we almost never need to discuss is customizations. You’ll find we provide all the assistance you need throughout your deployment. And later, when your requirements change, we’ll advise on configurations to support those changes.

We can consult with your IT on alternatives, best-practices, and smooth their way with clear, concise information and practical advice with professional services that include:

  • Project management
  • Implementation analysis
  • Configuration assistance
  • Installation and testing
  • Multi-tiered training

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For more information, call toll-free 1-877-328-7866 (Intl: 716-881-2590) and talk to one of our foreign trade compliance consultants, send an , or visit VisualCompliance.com.

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