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Streamline your I-129 Part 6 Certification Procedure for hiring foreign nationals

The complexities underlying the deceptively simple process for I-129 Part 6 Certification can certainly be frustrating; however, there are also many advantages of submitting forms correctly with an automated export compliance procedure.

Using Controlled Technology Management solutions from Visual Compliance to help manage your deemed and and hand-carried compliance, you can easily ensure that any and all issues are detected and followed up on in a timely and appropriate manner, and intercept potential violations that might otherwise have been allowed to fall through the cracks. You’ll be able to communicate with all the relevant parties involved in the process, from individual sponsors and department heads to Export Compliance, Human Resources, and Management. You can document each procedural event and always know where you stand in the ongoing certification process. You can effectively implement decisions and submission requirements as they become applicable.

Visual Compliance–Controlled Technology Manager solution also includes an extensive audit system. Providing a record that your organization has done its due diligence with regard to its foreign national human resources responsibilities is an essential component in protecting yourself from prosecution in the event of an unintentional release of technology to unauthorized foreign nationals. In case of government investigation, you’ll want to have the ability to unequivocally establish that your organization takes export compliance seriously, and that your I-129 Certification duties were executed to the best of your ability.

With Controlled Technology Manager you can

  • Speed up the process of collecting information from various sponsors and departments;
  • Increase the efficiency of your evaluation of prospective employees’ status regarding export control license requirements using a centralized system to help you make your important decisions;
  • Reduce your overall human resources and export compliance workload, rather than increasing it; and
  • Ensure that your institution is protected against the risk of deemed export violations—including not only government-imposed monetary and criminal penalties, threats to United States national security, and even the potential danger of economic espionage and the theft of your company’s intellectual property.

Help ensure that your information is as accurate as possible during the assessment process for foreign nationals while determining export control license certification requirements. Since having exacting standards for export compliance fundamentally depends on having all the information, making sure that it is received promptly, assessed accurately, compiled effectively and submitted correctly, you can always be certain that your procedures are comprehensive, and feel confident that your organization is performing its export compliance duties responsibly and with precision.

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