“The Visual Compliance “Comments” capability simplifies our recordkeeping and drastically reduces the work required in our internal processes.”


Travelling employees and visitors cause export and trade compliance issues.

Companies whose products or services are regulated by Department of State International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Bureau of Commerce (BIS) as military goods (600 series) have the most onerous compliance burdens.

Much of the work of the in-house compliance team generally involves defending against “people” violations—building audit trails to prove due diligence, mitigate liability, communicate scope, and educate employees—again and again.

Traveler and Visitor Approval Processes

In addition to classification systems that determine which of their goods or services require licenses, or for which there are appropriate license exemptions or exceptions, companies in the ITAR space need approval processes and systems that incorporate audits and controls for employees that travel to foreign destinations and for those hosting foreign or non-U.S. person visitors. They need an easy way to administer and access employee signoffs on responsibilities and scopes, acceptant responsibility and conditions, and clearly delineate license application scenarios.

Screening Solutions

They also need screening technologies to ensure visitors, either before arrival or at lobby screening facilities, are flagged for special handling to protect against unwitting violations. And they need these technologies to be easy-to-use and learn for staff whose primary responsibilities are other than compliance.

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