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Security and facilities role in ensuring foreign trade compliance is complex.

It includes coordinating with human resources, shipping and receiving, logistics, and other departments to develop policies and processes for screening visitors, suppliers, cleaning, and maintenance contractors against federal government lists designed to protect the United States and its allies from threats of proliferation, trafficking, and terrorism.

Failures in screening processes can be the cause of government penalties—fines, losing export privileges, higher costs, shipment delays, incarceration, as well as market consequences—losing customers and new business opportunities, and irreparable damage to corporate and individual reputations.

Companies with controlled goods

Security and Facilities processes take on heightened levels of compliance and business risk for companies dealing with goods, technologies, or services listed on the United States Munitions List (USML) or Commerce Control List (CCL) where there are heightened requirements to restrict access to export-controlled goods or technologies.


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