“I was amazed at how quickly it could be deployed.”


Get the information you’re looking for to classify controlled goods and technology for export, as well as being able to determine tariff information, codes and more.

Whether you’re dealing with commercial goods, Schedule B or HTS Classification, Visual Compliance–Export Classification Workflow from eCustoms helps you understand the controls applicable to your transactions, so you can make the most compliant decisions in a seamless workflow.

  • Easily determine if your goods and technology are on the United States Munitions List (USML) or the Commerce Control List (CCL).
  • Simplify navigation of the Order of Review, helping you reclassify more efficiently and accurately under Export Control Reform (ECR).
  • Classify dual-use and military items against multi-language European Union controls.
  • Access a current collection of U.S., European Union and other government regulations available, 24/7.
  • Classify against foreign regulations in multiple languages.
  • Classify your goods against the Harmonized Tariff (HTS).
  • Find the correct Schedule B codes for your exports.
  • Securely record, store and share your valuable classification data.
  • A seamless workflow for your classification determinations.

Store, organize, classify, and review your product trade information and classifications from multiple government agencies—both U.S. and international—to help ensure your product trade information is up-to-date.

Visual Compliance–Product Trade Manager saves your tariff and classification codes, while helping you to manage other essential product trade information.

  • Multi-level, role-based security
  • Multi-division coding
  • Bulk verification of US Import & Export Tariff and License Codes (ECCN/USML)
  • At-a-glance dashboard
  • Intelligent “Global Change” function for bulk add, edit or modification of data
  • Simple Import of item & contact information
  • Optional XML data integration



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