“The global trade compliance solution screens and re-screens our records on a daily basis to ensure total compliance. We are very satisfied with Visual Compliance’s ability to handle a large volume of screenings and return the results right away.”


Highly-efficient and cost-effective integrated denied party screening solutions for Oracle®, Salesforce®, SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics®, NetSuite®—and more.

Most compliance professionals also find their ERPs, CRMs (such as Oracle®and SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce®) and eCommerce technologies usually lack the sort of protection and functionality a robust global trade compliance solution provides— functionality necessary to adequately protect against the regulatory and market consequences of a trade violation.

Global trade compliance solutions that bridge content and functional gaps in your supply chain management

Visual Compliance can bridge these global trade compliance gaps in a cost-effective, compliance-focused fashion, with virtually no resources from your IT department—and in record time. Experience the accuracy companies have come to expect from our global trade compliance solutions, with the additional benefit of having full eCommerce and ERP integration.

In addition to bridging global trade compliance gaps in your trade compliance, anti-money laundering (AML), sanctioned party screening, and enhanced due diligence programs, you’ll gain access to the full dataset to power your global or international trade modules:

Our global trade compliance solution is straightforward to implement and requires virtually no maintenance. Our sanctioned party screening software is exceptionally easy to use, and you’ll find update rates exceed your expectations.

A robust global trade compliance solution enhances the supply chain management benefits offered by SAP®Oracle®, and other Tier I ERP, CRM and MRP technologies. While such software often opens communications within and between departments, there can be inherent trade compliance gaps. Some gaps are a result of the quality of international trade content, such as sanctioned party screening lists. Others are a result of specific functionality, and coverage of locations not yet rolled into the enterprise system.

Supplementing your global trade compliance solutions with capabilities that allow you to go beyond your constraints makes sense. There’s no point having a great eCommerce or ERP system, or business system in general, and using sub-standard trade data, or exposing the entire organization to risk because one or more new acquisitions have yet to be integrated into your sanctioned party screening program.

With a seamless eCommerce and ERP integration, you’ll be leveraging your existing investments in IT infrastructure. And with the new functionality such integration brings, you’ll be protecting your staff, company and executive from the significant risks—and penalties—associated with accidental violations of laws, regulations, and sanctioned party screening requirements designed to protect the Homeland Security of the U.S. and its Allies.


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