“From the corporate compliance side, with Visual Compliance we now have a solid audit trail that can be emailed. I’ve recommended the solution to other shippers and forwarders.”


Managing export trade compliance issues is easier with solutions that add depth and reach, while reducing workload.

In the increasingly demanding arena of international trade, keeping track of and effectively complying with numerous regulatory requirements can be a daunting task.

Companies that do it well gain significant competitive advantages: customer and government confidence and trust, lower costs, and access to markets that might not otherwise be available.

Those whose export programs fall short carry significant risks and disadvantages: fines and jail terms, loss of export privileges, higher costs, delays, and often irreparable damage to personal and corporate reputations.

Well-executed export responsibilities are critical for the survival of companies relying on international sales or defense-related revenue. With both monetary and criminal penalties harsher than ever, and regulatory and watchlist changes occurring daily, export trade compliance is no longer a choice—it is a business necessity.


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