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Helping legal and consulting firms realize opportunities.

Legal and consulting practices are increasingly adding foreign trade compliance services to their portfolios. Few companies today are without foreign trade transactions, and many have or want to increase their access to global markets. The area is ripe with opportunities including:

  • Export license applications, license amendments and transfers, special license and exception requirements
  • Regulatory compliance in corporate reorganizations, mergers & acquisititons, asset purchases, and strategic alliances involving materials, technology, and manufacturing process sharing
  • Internal investigations, voluntary disclosure, negotiation of settlements, and litigation
  • ITAR registrations, notifications, brokering, and Part 130 reporting
  • Encryption and technology transfers, and software export/re-export rules including de minimum software and technology filings to the Commerce Department
  • Assistance with commercial flow-down export requirements in contractor-subcontractor and OEM-supplier relationships
  • Compliance policies, procedures and training

Performing due diligence on M&A candidates

Law firms often participate in client mergers and acquisitions as a way to expand their practice and stay competitive. In addition to helping structure the transaction, additional service offerings can include performing due diligence prior to the transaction. Thereby helping clients to better:

  • Evaluate the quality of earnings
  • Determine if appropriate accounting and compliance systems and controls are in place, and operating effectively
  • Identify potential tax and compliance exposures or opportunities

Knowledge management

In the information-intensive world of law and consulting firms, knowledge management provides a competitive advantage. Access to both current and historical information in areas of rapid change is a cornerstone of the value-add legal and consulting firms offer their clients, and with superior access come sustainable improvements in talent productivity, a cornerstone of costs and business growth.

Structuring global expansions or acquisitions

For firms seeking to expand their global presence and serve an increasing number of international clients, local experience is said to be critical to working overseas. However, for export and financial controls, U.S. expertise serves as a very robust model with its origin re-export frameworks, dual export control classification regimes, and vigorous restricted, denied, blocked and embargoed entity and country screening mandates.

With a solid practice in and access to U.S. export control statutes, regulations, content and screening technologies firms have a valuable global asset on which to build.


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