“We had a solution in place that lumped together AECA/DDTC and BIS matches and we would need to drill down into the data to vet the matches. Visual Compliance has far fewer false positives, and makes match resolutions much more organized and so much easier.”


Everyone wants to hire the best of the best—but not at the cost of incurring undue business risk.

No one wants to be the cause of criminal or civil penalties—fines, losing export privileges, higher costs, shipment delays, even incarceration. Or be responsible for the market consequences—losing customers and new business opportunities, and irreparable damage to corporate and individual reputations.

Screening potential employees against government watch lists makes good business sense. It helps guard against the risk of running afoul of complex foreign trade regulations. And hiring people you can’t use in their intended roles.

Companies in the controlled goods space face other issues

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