“Visual Compliance is a very important part of our work, and we are very satisfied.”


The growth and popularity of Internet eCommerce as a sales channel means opportunities are greater than ever—but so too are the challenges.

Distributors and other resellers, competing for more sophisticated and demanding consumers, need to leverage evolving technologies to both win and retain market share. It’s all about improving the customer experience, when across the board customers are becoming more fickle, and demanding lower costs, higher quality, and faster delivery.

Resellers and distributors selling goods controlled by U.S. and international export and import regulations face an additional set of challenges. Regulatory complexities, additional licensing, documentary and reporting requirements, and increased scrutiny when moving goods across borders.

Companies need new ways to streamline their compliance processes without increasing the costs and risks associated with cross-border and international transactions.

With more regulatory changes on the way, balancing compliance with competitiveness is bound to be a major challenge for you—as it will be for your competitors. Enhancing compliance competitiveness enhances your chances of success.


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