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Your business process needs to include workflow procedures that ensure constant compliance with the United States government’s export regulations.

Integrating your company’s current operations with Denied Party Screening systems (including BIS, ITAR, and OFAC, etc.), ECCN classification, deemed export and export license requirements can be complicated and onerous—or it can be a simple matter of choosing the right software for the job.

Export compliance violations—anything from incorrect ECCN classification, a missing export license, to illegally doing business with denied parties—can lead to serious penalties.

Compliance failures found to have been unintentional will be punished with monetary fines of potentially millions of dollars per offence; but the consequences for willful violations can include criminal prosecution and even imprisonment. Either way, a company’s reputation can be utterly ruined if export compliance violations occur and come to light.

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Featured Products

Integrated Screening

export compliance solutions integrated screening

Integrate into your current business system and have confidence that screening is always executed accurately and on time.

Export Documentation Manager

export compliance solutions export documentation manager

Combine your export documentation and export compliance activities, including AES submissions, in one easy-to-manage workflow that saves you time and resources.

ECCN Classification

export compliance solutions eccn classification

Combines a powerful search engine to help you identify the most relevant classifications in the CCL for your products with a license determination solution to streamline your classification.


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