“A very good investment to help avoid selling to unauthorized parties.”

Sales and marketing responsibilities for identifying, attracting, capturing, and executing new and follow-on business require the rigors of experimentation, the creative strategies of pursuit, and the discipline of establishing processes that increase profitability.

There is little that can derail profitability—order forecasts for new and follow-on business—and halt market segment growth like a major trade compliance violation.

Identifying and mitigating risks associated with regulatory compliance controls is critical to minimizing wasted resources and opportunity losses. So too is ensuring compliance activities are conducted in a manner that meet or exceed financial goals and customer requirements—without bringing the operation to its knees.

Creating, cultivating, and enhancing relationships with current and potential customers and key contacts in industry and government to identify new business opportunities requires a high degree of knowledge of the regulatory environment, export/import control laws, and regulations: ITAR, EAR, OFAC, FAR, DFAR. For global companies, in-progress visibility and oversight of programs and pursuits at other locations needs to be maintained.

In developing program management and project control processes and procedures, designing-in export control mechanisms is a considerably easier, and more self-sustaining with solutions that are proven to support demanding, high-paced environments and facilitate transitioning programs from development to production, across multidisciplinary teams.


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