“The Homeland Security official was very satisfied when he found what compliance program we were using.”


Visual Compliance Import Solution’s ABI software provides increased awareness and visibility over your import processes—from pre-notification (ISF/10+2) through release, entry (ABI) and liquidation. It also delivers Alerts and Notifications when compliance violations are discovered—notifying the right people to help you rectify problems at their source in purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, or at your customs brokers.

Electronic Filing

The ABI Software allows for direct submission of import entries to U.S. Customs, quickly, cost-effectively, and correctly.

Designed to work in conjunction with your existing ERP system, your IT investment is further leveraged while ensuring compliance. Our ABI software requires little in the way of IT resources to establish, and can be maintained with little expertise. Most importantly, you don’t need to change any of your existing business processes; the solution fits directly into your existing infrastructure.

Simplified ABI management

Our ABI software works by parsing your shipment data for specific content and format, and then submitting it in the correct configuration. This ensures acceptance by ABI, and dramatically reduces the number of rejections and resubmissions you’ll have to deal with. Our ABI software also processes the return data from ABI, turning it into useful information for shipment tracking and compliance monitoring purposes.

The data entry required to transmit both 3461 (release) and 7501 (entry summaries) can be kept to a minimum via integration with your existing ERP system. The Integration Module facilitates the transfer of purchase order data from your existing business infrastructure to the Import Solution where it is then available for ABI preparation and transmission.

With Visual Compliance Import Solution’s ABI software you get all the business logic necessary to comply with ABI submission requirements, including data extraction, formatting and submission functionality in a simple “plug-in” format.


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