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Technical Data Transfer Supervisor

Visual Compliance-Tech Data Transfer Supervisor augments your export compliance program by helping you maintain control and supervision over your important technical data, and assure that your technology transfers only occur legally, within the boundaries of your agreements.

An international company must also have the ability to easily distribute technical data to parties outside the country pursuant to an agreement. For any American company with locations outside U.S. borders, or which have any foreign nationals as employees, a robust solution for management of technical data is absolutely essential.

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Hardware Export Authorization Supervisor

Proper management of export licenses and other export authorizations, such as the use of exemptions and exceptions, is a responsibility your company cannot afford to ignore. Effective Technology Transfer Control includes hardware, and means keeping an eye on each and every export license whenever any hardware export occurs; this can easily become overwhelming, but despite the complications of overseeing hundreds of transactions occurring daily on numerous different export licenses, there’s no excuse for shirking your duty to assure that all hardware exports proceed legally according to the details of your export licenses and within the boundaries set out by U.S. Foreign Trade regulations.

Hardware Export Authorization Supervisor from Visual Compliance augments your technology transfer control procedure to help stop violations occurring as a result of expired and exhausted export licenses that can ruin your company’s record of export compliance.

A fundamental part of the United States export regulation system, the maintenance of an exacting export licensing workflow helps ensure that American companies and institutions’ hardware exports do not go to parties or countries hostile to the U.S. and its interests, and that financial resources and controlled goods with military and/or dual-use purposes do not end up in the hands of terrorist organizations or other unauthorized foreign nationals.

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