“CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.”

Penalties for violating U.S. export control regulations and sanctions can apply to individuals, companies and institutions.

Most penalties arise due to improper determination of the classification, valuation, country of origin, or goods that are not invoiced or declared.

Customs may also assess liquidated damages if proper import procedures are not followed, or if goods are released, subsequently found to be inadmissible, and not redelivered to Customs’ custody within allowable timeframes. In addition, Customs may assess penalties for false or negligent drawback claims and USMCA certificates of origin.

Where penalties are imposed, the assessments are noted by Customs in its compliance database. This record reflects the importer’s risk designation, and as a result, companies may find themselves subjected to more frequent Customs inspections and longer processing times.

Monetary penalty statute

Pre-penalty notices

Penalty amounts

Relief petition

Penalties for violations of other regulations

In addition to CBP penalties, there are a host of other government department and agency regulations with which importers must comply. When a violation of these laws is discovered by CBP, in addition to or in lieu of seizure and/or referral for criminal prosecution, CBP has the option of assessing a personal penalty against the alleged violator.

Electronic export reporting

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