Our eManifest Solutions

Key Benefits

Our fast, efficient, reliable online solution and Fax ‘N’ Go™ services make it easy for you to comply with Canadian (ACI)and U.S. (ACE) requirements. We have designed these solutions specifically to meet the needs of highway carriers of any size and with any amount of cross-border trips.

eManifest+™ for ACI and ACE Online Submissions

  • Create eManifests in just minutes.
  • Provides a consolidated view of all your shipments from the Dashboard.
  • One-step process for repeat shipments (fill out 20+ data fields in a single click).
  • Automated data verification warns you if information is missing or invalid before you submit your eManifests.
  • Receive real-time shipment status notifications from Customs so you know exactly when your drivers can proceed to the border.
  • Secure record keeping that satisfies government audit requirements.
  • Extensive training available, including live one-on-one training sessions.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly North American-based technical support.

Fax ‘N’ Go™ for Fax Submissions

If you would prefer to focus on your core business, then Fax ‘N’ Go™ is the option for you. Simply fax us your cargo manifests and we’ll set up and submit the eManifest on your behalf. Notifications from CBSA are automatically forwarded to you via email or text message, keeping you and your drivers informed.

EIM Integrated Solution

With our integrated option, you receive everything above, plus have our ACE and ACI solutions integrated with your dispatch or other related systems. For larger cross border carriers, this removes the need for manual data entry and eliminates potential keying errors.

For Brokers and Service Providers too!

eCustoms™ solutions and services also make it easy for Brokers or other Service Providers to manage their clients’ eManifest needs. eManifest+™ allows simple organization of multiple carrier clients — let us do the heavy lifting for you!


Telephone 1-877-ECUSTOM (328-7866) for information on Mandatory filing requirements.

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