About eCustoms

Our Competitive Advantage

We are Unmatched in Depth and Scope

eCustoms has been developing, deploying, and supporting our world-class Customs and International Trade Services, Knowledge and Technologies for over 30 years. Our depth and scope is unmatched in the industry.

eCustoms is more than just a global trade compliance company — we are an agent of change and a global business partner. We work to deliver the services, information, knowledge, and systems that make your importing and exporting processes secure and dependable.

We are Customs and Compliance Experts

From leadership vision to compliance regulatory knowledge, the eCustoms team brings tangible industry experience to the table. Each person’s unique skills have been integrated into eCustoms’ operations, establishing ‘Best Practices’ and reinforcing our long-standing character as a global enterprise with customs and compliance expertise in all industries.

We Pay Special Attention to Unique Client Needs

We have built a solid foundation of knowledge that ensures our robust, scalable solutions are user friendly and thorough in their operation. The accumulated eCustoms’ “Collective Wisdom” is brought to bear on each and every client relationship we have, and helps ensure that each client’s unique needs are addressed by people who understand them.


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