RNS Online™

RNS Online™ Real-time Release Updates, Anywhere, Anytime.

Get yourself and your drivers connected to Canada Customs … using ANY cell phone or wireless device!

Approved by Canada Customs, RNS Online™ is easy to use and puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

With one click, you can check the status of your carrier-specific PARS releases by your cargo control number (CCNO) at any time.

Shipment Release Notifications will be delivered in real time to your:

  • Office computers
  • Dispatch centers
  • Drivers’ cell phones
  • Other wireless devices

RNS Online™ also manages all of your contacts from one central “dashboard”, even if you have multiple brokers.

As a carrier, you can use RNS online to place a Universal PARS Checker widget on your website, which your clients and business associates can check for all shipment updates.

You also get a full activity log of your RNS notifications and PARS activities, ensuring your readiness in the case of an audit.

RNS Online™ helps you increase your efficiency and stay compliant with current CBSA regulations.

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