ACE & ACI Fax ‘N’ Go

Fax ‘N’ Go — 24/7 Fax-in Service for ACE and ACI

If you prefer, we can prepare and submit documents to Customs for you.

We offer a simple, straightforward Fax ‘N’ Go service for all carriers. All you need is a fax machine!

“Fax” simply means you fax us your cargo manifests, and our team of on-staff customs specialists and licensed Customs Brokers will submit all the required information to Customs.

“Go” means we’ll contact you via email or phone once your manifest is accepted.

eCustoms gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure your entries are electronically managed, arrive on time and that you are compliant with CBP or CBSA requirements.

None of your data is ever sent offshore for processing, as all of our staff and resources are located in our North American facilities in Buffalo, NY and Toronto, ON.

The Fax ‘N’ Go service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service is offered on a per-fax basis or as bundled packages. We also offer in-bond entry submissions, as well as submissions to address special regulatory requirements, such as HAZMAT.

Click on the video link to see our Fax ‘N’ Go eManifest in action.


Telephone 1-877-ECUSTOM (328-7866) for information on Mandatory filing requirements.

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